Broker Service

Selling Privately - the disadvantages:
  • Around £75 will buy you a small "showroom" magazine advert for only 1 week.
  • Audience restricted to a single magazine circulation.
  • Hassle caused by time-wasters.
Selling Through Bob Vale Coach Sales - the advantages:
  • A single £100 (+VAT) charge will give you web advertising for up to 3 months.
    (Our web site statistics indicate over a quarter-of-a-million views of our web site pages during 2014)
  • If we successfully sell your vehicle, the advertising charge is DEDUCTED from our standard sales commission.
  • FREE amendments / adjustments to your vehicle listing in real-time.
  • We will filter-out time-wasters as best we can.
  • Long-established dealer with a solid reputation and wide customer base in the UK and worldwide.
Using A Broker Service

You'll know that this industry, these days, is a very tough environment to work in, with very tight margins. Coaches are expensive pieces of equipment and there are not many operators who are lucky enough to go out and buy a vehicle from funds just sitting in their bank.
What is the truth about selling your vehicle? We all know that you could advertise your vehicle yourself, cut-out the middle-man and maximise your return. Many try. You might be lucky.

But if it were that simple, dealers would not exist. We are here to help you. The vast majority of buyers need finance facilites to spread the cost - we have dealt with finance companies for years. Bob Vale Coach Sales have been trading for a long time, have a lot of experience and a large customer base. We understand the coach market and can help you.

Dealing With Finance Companies

We have dealt with a huge number of finance companies over the years and know their requirements (and whims!) for progressing a sale smoothly.

Getting The Price Right

We have been trading for a long time and have considerable experience in valuing vehicles - in fact many finance companies and auction houses come to us for true valuations of vehicles. Getting the price right on a vehicle can be a tricky balance - you don't want to make it too expensive as you won't find a buyer. But also you don't want to give your vehicle away by making it too cheap. If you choose to sell your vehicle through Bob Vale Coach Sales, we will use our experience to price your vehicle to be attractive, but also making allowances to perhaps take-in a part-exchange, thus maximising the number of potential buyers.

Selling Overseas

As well as the UK, there are many other countries using right-hand drive vehicles. Why limit yourself to selling your vehicle in the UK?
But there are many complexities with selling a vehicle overseas. One of the biggest hurdles is trust. If a buyer from overseas doesn't know you, they won't trust you. They won't want to pay you money for a vehicle unless they can be sure they will receive that vehicle. And you are not going to export a vehicle without receiving payment for it first. Stalemate!
Also there are VAT procedures that must be followed when exporting and if you don't follow these correctly, you may be liable for VAT where you thought it didn't apply.

These issues might put you off selling overseas, but Bob Vale Coach Sales can help. We have sold vehicles worldwide for a long time. We have built a solid reputation and are proud to have gained a high level of trust overseas. Our foreign customers trust us through our reputation and they know they will receive their vehicle.
We also understand the VAT procedures that have to be followed for export sales, both inside and outside the EC: specific information needs to appear on invoicing paperwork, EC VAT numbers must be checked, sales within the EC must be notified to HMRC, if certain timescales are exceeded you may be liable for VAT, and so on. Bob Vale Coach Sales would be able to market your vehicle worldwide and if it happened to sell overseas, it would not appear to you to be much different to selling it into the UK. We would handle the enquiries, help with paperwork, VAT issues, and liaise with the buyer's shipping companies ourselves.

Our Charges

We would charge £100 to advertise your vehicle. If we are then successful in selling your vehicle for you, we charge a commission of 5% of the achieved sale price, subject to a minimum charge of £1,000. But we then also REFUND your initial advertising payment, by deducting this from the commission. All of these prices, of course, attract VAT.

How Do I Go Ahead?

We would initially ask for basic information and some photographs, which we would use to assess the value of your vehicle. We would then discuss with you our recommendations about a suggested price at which to advertise your vehicle and then send you a form to gather detailed information. Once details, etc are received and pricing is agreed, we would then raise an invoice for the advertising payment. Finally, once the invoice is settled, we would launch your vehicle onto our web site for you.
If you wish to go ahead, please call us and we can discuss your requirements.